Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Primark PS.. Beauty lip liners.

Hello lovelies! 

I've finally downloaded the blogger app on my phone and it's SO much easier to use than going on the laptop and blogging. I can just open the app on my phone, write about whatever I want and insert any photos straight from my phone. Yay!! So now i can have more regular blog posts. Today's post is on something I think there's quite a bit of hype around and I've heard loads of amazing things about their products & it's the Primark PS.. Beauty range. I picked up quite a few items when I went in last week so I'll try them out and let you know what I think. But the first thing I'm really impressed with is their lip pencils!! They are fab!! And so cheap too. I picked up 4 of their colours I think they do 5 or 6 and I got 2 like nude/mauve colours and a gorgeous red one as they are the colours I tend to wear most on my lips. And believe me they are stunning! They are really easy to apply and have a really deep colour pigment. I have been looking for a long time for a nice nude/mauve lip liner to wear with my Rimmel London Kate Moss nude lipstick that I wear pretty much ALL the time, and the only one I've found is a nude pink one by collection and I love it but it's quite hard to get hold of. So all three of primark nude ones go perfect with my favourite nude lipstick. And at just £1 you really can't go wrong!! 

Here's some photos of the lip liners and some swatches so you can see the colours.. 

How gorgeous are they!! I just think £1 for a lip liner is just amazing. Especially the prices you can pay from more expensive brands. I bought quite a few other items from the PS.. Beauty range too including lipsticks so my next post will be on them. Hope you're having a great week guys! 

Peace out, mwah! xxx

Monday, 8 February 2016

First fashion post!

Hey guys! 

So it's been a few weeks since my last post & I've been thinking about starting to include fashion & lifestyle in my blog. I think I mentioned about maybe doing some fashion posts a while back & I thought why the heck not?! As I love fashion!! Also I want to start writing about a few personal struggles I've faced over the last few years with mental health. I don't usually talk about my personal struggles but over the past few months I have been struggling a little and I thought you know what? I'm going to start and blog about how I'm feeling and the techniques I use to deal with my day to day anxiety. I'll write more about this as soon as I get the confidence to open up about things. But, anyway back to FASHION!! 

So.. My first fashion post is all about something that I think is really on trend at the moment, I've seen loads of girls wearing these and I've been wanting to try one out for myself for a while and see if I suit them and it's the Shirt Dress. Now I love these dresses I think you can dress them down and wear them casual or you can dress them up and look really glam. So my two friends have both worn them with the over the knee boots that are also really on trend at the moment too & they both looked stunning in them. So the other day I went shopping and popped in to my little old faithful Primark! And I went and had a look at the selection of shirt dresses. I came across this gorgeous like deep maroon & cream striped one, with a pull in waist detail that you tie together to give it a nice shape. So I had a little think and I thought you know what I'm gonna try one. Now me being me, I am very picky when it comes to my fashion taste and style. I love anything that's on trend but I have to put my own stamp on it. So the dress was £13 which I thought was amazing and I also thought well if I don't like it I can always bring it back. Then I had one problem.. What shoes could I wear with it?! Now all these other girls wear the over the knee boots with shirt dresses but little old me who's only 5"3 in height, couldn't really carry off that look in my opinion. So I thought maybe some ankle boots would be better for me so I went to the shoe section and it must have been my lucky day as I came across these gorgeous plain black suede ankle boots with a block heel and wait for it.. They were on sale for just £5!! Bargain or what!!? So I purchased the boots too and I couldn't wait to try them both on and wear them. So I came home and tried them on and I can honestly say I'm so glad I purchased them both. I am a tad obsessed with my shirt dress and I definitely want to purchase a few more in different colours and designs. I've had so many compliments on it too. I'm a curvy size 12 and I really think the pull in waste detail really compliments my curves. I also love the dark maroon colour against my jet black hair I really think they compliment each other. As for the boots they are SO COMFY!! And will basically go with anything. Here's a photo of me wearing the dress and boots... 


How gorgeous are they?! (I know you can't really see the boots cause of the lighting) but this dress is definitely one of my new favourite fashion pieces hanging in my wardrobe!! So if you're looking at purchasing a shirt dress then I recommend having a look in primark. The quality of this dress is just gorgeous and for that price you really can't go wrong. 

That's all for now guys.. 

Talk soon! Mwah!! xxx

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Primark PS Liquid Eyeliner!

Hello lovelies!!

So it's been a long while since my last post hasn't it?! I can tell as I cant type properly haha! hang on give me a minute to get back into the swing of things.. so first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope you all had a great Christmas too. I've been meaning to get a new post up but I've just been so side tracked with Christmas and stuff. When I realised it's been like three months since my last post I thought oh my good lord Kerrie that is shocking!! You are a disgrace to the blogging society hahaha, but hey I'm back now and I'm going to be back blogging at least once a week about my usual make up, beauty & fashion posts. So for my first post of 2016 it's a good old little review. I do love a good review. (It gives me the opportunity to blabber on about something.) So yeah if you follow my Instagram you'll be aware I am a HUGE fan of winged eyeliner. My eyeliner I use is one I have used for many years. Yeah I've been rocking the winged eyeliner look since the likes of Lilly Allen & Amy Winehouse made it cool and trendy. Anyway.. it was from a brand available from Superdrug called 2True and its honestly amazing. I've used it for like 5 years. It's so easy to apply and achieve that really sharp wing all us girls love these days. But a few weeks ago I went into a few different Superdrug stores to pick some more eyeliner up and one of the assistants informed me that it had been discontinued. Safe to say I've been gutted since I heard that heart breaking news lol. So I thought well there's only one thing for it, branch out and try a new eyeliner. So I've bought about 6-7 different ones over the past few weeks some at what id class as a little pricey and none of them have impressed me. Then last week I was in my favourite shop in the world (well one of them) PRIMARK and I was having a little browse of their beauty section and I noticed they had liquid eyeliners for just £1!! So me being the little bargain hunter that I am thought I might as well purchase one and try it out, not expecting it to be any good like all the others I tried. Well what a shock I got, its SO GOOD!! it comes with quite a long thin brush which I like as I find it easier to apply and get that really fierce flick & it's also really black and spreads really evenly. Here's a few pictures i took of the finished result. (Btw ignore my little lashes, i gave my eyes a day off from the falsies. I felt bald all day :(...)

Primark PS... Beauty Liquid Eyeliner
How fierce is that wing? Oh heyyyyy...
So yeah as you can see it gives you really fierce, sharp wings if like me you like your eyeliner to be perfect then i definitely recommend this product to you. And at only £1 you cant complain about that can you?! So get down to your nearest PRIMARK stores & purchase one of these little beauties from the PS BEAUTY RANGE.
That's all for now my loves, speak soon!!
Mwah. xx

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Brows on fleek & video filming!

Hello you lovely lot!!

How's it going? Well I've been playing around and filming a few little short videos. A few people have suggested I start YouTube but to be honest im not very confident with doing that unfortunately & plus i would blabber on about the most random things id get that nervous and my filming technique isn't exactly Oscar winning at the moment so yeah haha. But I have decided to start filming short little tutorials to post on my instagram and I've found a really cool little app called Splice and it's really good for video editing and adding text and photos into your footage so if anyone is looking for a good app for that kind of stuff then there's one for you ;). So last week I done a short video on my new nude lipstick and lip liner I featured in my last post. I wasn't planning on posting it as I thought it was pretty terrible but it actually turned out okay so I posted it on my instagram if you want to check it out you can here: I kind of ruined it by putting really big text across it saying "NUDE LIPS" haha, but hey im still getting the hang of this filming malarkey. So anyway back to the topic of conversation. Today I filmed a little tutorial on how I fill in my brows and here it is...

Tried to slow it down a little as it filmed it in Time-Lapse but as we all know instagram only has a 15 second limit for video clips so I had to cram it all in. The products I used are my usual ones i use in my everyday brow routine. Here's a list of products i used...
1. Rimmel brow pencil in "Dark Brown."
2. Makeup Revolution focus & fix liquid concealer in "fair."
4. Just a standard angled brush (i bought mine from Primark for like a £1.)
5. A spoolie i definitely recommend you use one of these as they spread the product through the brow so they don't look like slugs. (No one wants that.) Mine is by SO ECO BRUSHES and i got it in their eye set.
Here's some photos of all the products  used..
That's all for now guys, hope you're all having a good week!!
Speak soon, peace out!
mwah xx

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Collection haul!

Hey guys!

It's me again, im quite proud of the fact that it's only been a week since my last post it's usually a few weeks but I did say in my last post I was stepping up my blogging game, OH YEAH!! haha. So anyway I hope everyone's having a good week. I am loving these dark wintery nights aren't you? I love just getting into my PJ's and having nice hot cups of tea with my blanket and watching TV. That's what im doing right now, well apart from the TV part cause I'd get too distracted if that was on. How good is the TV at the moment?! I am obsessed with Celebrity Big Brother and all the crazy goings on. But anyway back to what I am writing this post about. So I've been hearing lots of great things about the make up brand Collection. In quite a few of the youtubers videos I watch they've featured some of their products so I thought hmm.. im going to have to try them out. So the other day I was browsing the make up aisle as per usual. I always seem to be drawn to that damn aisle but anyway I went to the collection stand as I was looking for a nice nude lipstick and lip liner to go with it. I've bought nude lipsticks in the past but they have been a little bit pricey and I wanted one that was affordable but great quality. So collection have a wide range of lipsticks and I tried out all the nude colours but I was drawn to the one called "Café Au Lait" and it's number "22." It's a gorgeous nude shade with a hint of beige/caramel and it has a really creamy/glossy base so it leaves your lips with a slight sheen. I teamed it with one of Collections lip pencils and I went with their "Chocolate" pencil in number "10." This is like a chocolate brown colour and it goes really well with the lipstick and really gives your lips that plump full look.

Here's a photo of me wearing "Café Au Lait" lipstick & "Chocolate" lip liner by Collection.

I loveeeeeee it!! I actually love it that much im going to buy another one just so I have one in front for when my current one runs out. I also bought two of Collections liquid eyeliners and they are the "Fast Stroke" eyeliners which im wearing in this photo. They are so easy to apply and give you that sharp flick you want to achieve when applying your winged liner. I definitely recommend. Here's a photo of all the products I have featured..
So guys if you're looking for some great quality eyeliner, lipstick or lip pencils then I definitely recommend Collection products to you.
That's all for now guys, don't forget to check out my Instagram: where im always posting new make up looks.
I'll be back soon with a new post and I already have an idea what it will be about so stay tuned.. ;)
Speak soon guys, mwah
peace out! xxx

Monday, 7 September 2015

Lets talk brush cleaning!

Hello my loves!

Hope you've all had a great weekend. I cant believe its Monday already!! I think the weekend went pretty fast what do you think? Anyway in my last post I said I was going to do a post on brush cleaning and hey ho as its what I like to call it "No make up Monday" or "Kerrie's too lazy to paint her face today" day I thought right lets give my brushes a clean and as I'm not wearing make up today it gives them a chance to dry out properly all day as I wont be using them. So for this post I wanted to document every step I take through the brush cleaning process. Oh wait hang on I've just realised that's a pretty cool song.. "Every step you take.." haha!! anyway back to brush cleaning. I'm going to do this step by step and picture by picture (If my laptop co-operates with me.) So you know exactly how I clean them from start to finish. So first here's a picture of my dirty full of make up brushes..

As you can see their definitely in need of a good cleaning!! I always find that my foundation brushes get the most dirtiest as they are the ones using the most product and doing a lot of the work. Anyway as you can see I have a wide/weird range of brushes these are just some of them. My brushes range from Real Techniques, to Primark, to EBay. I'm not a brush snob. Sometimes the cheaper a product is the better they are and as long as they do the job who cares if they were only cheap. So back to the cleaning process I'm going to do this step by step, so here goes...
Here's what you'll need to clean your brushes.
1. Bowl
2. Mild baby shampoo (I use the Johnsons one.)
3. A clean hand
4. Luke warm water
5. A towel
6. Cool place to dry out your brushes
How to clean your brushes step by step.
STEP 1. So firstly you'll need your bowl.
STEP 2. Baby shampoo.
STEP 3. Add the shampoo to the bowl.
STEP 4. Take your brush and place it in the shampoo and in a circular motion swirl it round the product.
STEP 5. Then make sure you have nice clean hands and with the palm of your hand place the brush with the product on it and with circular motions rub the product into your hand you'll start to see all of the make up come out of your brush and onto the palm of your hand.
STEP 6. Run your brush under a luke warm tap and squeeze out all of the soap so that there is none left in your brush. Keep doing this until you see the water run clean and so their is no more make up coming out of your brush.
STEP 6. Lay out a clean fresh hand towel on a flat surface, preferably where there's a window with fresh air coming in & place your brushes on the towel facing where the air is coming in. Leave them there for a few hours to dry out & then you'll have nice clean sparkling brushes.
And so there you go there's my step by step on brush cleaning. I hope it's helped you guys out a little. Can I just say how important it is to clean your brushes and maintain them. I usually do mine once a week if I can as it's crazy the amount of product and germs they collect when you're using them on a daily basis. Plus its important to clean them to help keep your skin nice and clear and spot free. And if like me you suffer from the odd break out cleaning your brushes regularly helps reduce the chances of a break out as you're minimizing the bacteria and dirt that can get into your brushes. I'm going to do a post on skin care and my skin care routine soon so stay tuned guys.
Well that's all for now, hope you guys have a great week & I will be getting another post up this week maybe even two, oooh check me out!! I'm going to start and do a few fashion posts as well as my regular make up and beauty posts. It's an excuse to pose in some of my fave outfits I guess haha!! so stay tuned.
Speak soon guys, mwah peace out!!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush! (Review)

Hello lovelies!!

Well it's been a while since my last post hasn't it?!! I'm feeling chatty so I thought I'd pick up my laptop and finally get round to doing a new post!! plus I've purchased an AMAZING new brush so I figured I could write about how fab it is!! So I've been hearing about Real Techniques for quite a while and how good their brushes are but I've only ever really seen them on instagram, or youtube when im watching tutorials or in the shops but I've never actually tried them out for myself. So last week i was cruising the make up aisles of superdrug and i ended up looking at the Real Techniques brushes range they have and i came across the "Expert Face Brush." Now I've been wanting to purchase some Real Techniques brushes for quite a while and i figured with it being my first one i might as well try out one that's going to apply my foundation which is the main part and feature of your make up. So i picked it up and had a read of the packaging and i thought this looks like a really good brush, plus i got quite excited over the fact i was buying a new make up brush. SAD i know. So yeah i decided to buy it and i came home and re done all my make up cause i wanted to see how well the brush applied my foundation. I've always used flat foundation brushes and this one is more kinda puffy like a buffer brush than your regular flat brushes, so i was intrigued to see how well my foundation would turn out. It's safe to say i was very happy with the results!! I put a tiny bit of foundation on each part of my face and i then in circular motions buffed the product into my skin and the brush spread the foundation so effortlessly and evenly i was really impressed. The brush bristles are also really soft on your skin plus the appearance of the brush in general is pretty with its gold and black colours. I paid £8.99 for this brush in superdrug which i think is a great value price for such a well known brand. Here's a photo of the brush so you can see what it looks like..

After using this brush i will definitely be purchasing more of these little beauties. I definitely recommend Real Techniques if you're looking for well known, good quality, inexpensive brushes to add to your collection or if you're just starting out your collection. I will do another post on the other brushes when i purchase them. I'm also going to do a post on my brush cleaning technique in my next post so I'll keep you posted.
Hope everyone is having a good week guys, and I'll speak to you soon!!
Mwah! xxx