Tuesday, 19 May 2015

First blog post!

Hello lovely people!

So yeah, I've decided to make myself a lil old blog haven't i. I've been wanting to do one for ages as i can talk about make-up, beauty products, fashion & films till the cows come home. But as some of you may know my main passion and obsession is Make-Up. On my instagram i post pictures all the time of my make-up and blabber on about what products i used to achieve certain looks and instagram has a limit for the amount i blabber on where as with a blog i can talk all i want to and hope that people enjoy what im talking about.

So, im not a make-up artist nor do i claim to be. Everything i have learnt every little trick I've learned is from watching amazing make-up artists tutorials on YouTube or looking through instagram for looks to recreate. But one day i would love to be doing this as my main profession as it is something im extremely passionate about. As they say practice makes perfect and i love painting my face and (anyone who'll let me paint theirs.)

This blog will mainly be about make-up and reviewing products i buy/use as i just love to write about, actually i live for it. (I may sound really sad but hey ho.) So yeah i hope you all enjoy reading my blog and as you may have gathered im a chatter box so their will be regular blog posts coming from me god help you all haha!! Oh also it's my first time using a blog so i apologise if i make any spelling/punctuation/grammar mistakes. Sometimes i can get carried away.

So here's my first product review. It's the Makeup revolution "Flawless Palette." Here's a little photo for you all to have a gander...
How gorgeous is it? Make-up lovers will understand the beauty of it. So yeah makeup revolution has become one of my absolute favourite make-up brands. Not only is it really affordable especially for people starting out and wanting to build their kit like me. But the products are amazing quality. This palette in particular is one of my favourites. It contains 32 shadows with a great mix of shimmery and matte eye shadows perfect for creating and experimenting with any look. The shadows are so pigmented and easy to blend out so you don't have to put a lot of product on your brush to achieve the look you want. Here's a couple of photos of a look i done using this palette..
As you can see i created a kind of 3 tone smokey eye with a wing and little bit of bronze glitter in the crease to make the eyes pop. The three shades i used to create this look from the palette were as follows.
1. For my upper crease and transition shade i used the shade "red night."
2. For lower crease i used "black tie" to add a bit of definition and a smoke to the outer corner of my eye.
3. And for the lid i used "angel" to really soften it up as i didn't want it too dramatic. I also applied that shade to the inner corners of my eyes to really open them up.
4. Then on my lash line i went back in with "red night" to really smoke out the lower part of my eye and i also think it makes my blue/green eyes really stand out.
This was my first time using this palette and im so pleased with the results and the product in general as i keep saying i cant recommend makeup revolution enough their products are FAB!! I have quite a little collection of their palettes coming along nicely now.
Lastly on the lips i used a different product by MUA Cosmetics. I'll do another post about that as i loveeeee their products too, especially the lip lacquer im wearing in these two photos.
So that's if for now guys, hope you've enjoyed my first post!! If you'd like please follow or subscribe or whatever it is you do on these things. I'm not very blog illiterate yet, bare with me.
Peace out! xx