Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Brows on fleek & video filming!

Hello you lovely lot!!

How's it going? Well I've been playing around and filming a few little short videos. A few people have suggested I start YouTube but to be honest im not very confident with doing that unfortunately & plus i would blabber on about the most random things id get that nervous and my filming technique isn't exactly Oscar winning at the moment so yeah haha. But I have decided to start filming short little tutorials to post on my instagram and I've found a really cool little app called Splice and it's really good for video editing and adding text and photos into your footage so if anyone is looking for a good app for that kind of stuff then there's one for you ;). So last week I done a short video on my new nude lipstick and lip liner I featured in my last post. I wasn't planning on posting it as I thought it was pretty terrible but it actually turned out okay so I posted it on my instagram if you want to check it out you can here: www.instagram.com/glambykerrielouise I kind of ruined it by putting really big text across it saying "NUDE LIPS" haha, but hey im still getting the hang of this filming malarkey. So anyway back to the topic of conversation. Today I filmed a little tutorial on how I fill in my brows and here it is...

Tried to slow it down a little as it filmed it in Time-Lapse but as we all know instagram only has a 15 second limit for video clips so I had to cram it all in. The products I used are my usual ones i use in my everyday brow routine. Here's a list of products i used...
1. Rimmel brow pencil in "Dark Brown."
2. Makeup Revolution focus & fix liquid concealer in "fair."
4. Just a standard angled brush (i bought mine from Primark for like a £1.)
5. A spoolie i definitely recommend you use one of these as they spread the product through the brow so they don't look like slugs. (No one wants that.) Mine is by SO ECO BRUSHES and i got it in their eye set.
Here's some photos of all the products  used..
That's all for now guys, hope you're all having a good week!!
Speak soon, peace out!
mwah xx

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