Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Rimmel lipstick review!

Hello lovely people!!

Well it's me again, you know when I wrote my last post I took my laptop into the garden as it was a lovely warm summers day and I sat there ahhh it was bliss. Yet today it looks like its gonna rain so im sat in my room writing this. BOO!! Where has the summer gone. I am more of a winter girl and when most of your wardrobe consists of black you kind of have to be haha. So anyway back to me writing about my usual make-up stuff, I said in my last post or the one before that I would do a review of one of my FAVEEEEEE lippys. Now the lipstick im talking about is by Rimmel I use pretty much all their products as I just love them. But yeah back to the lipstick Kerrie.. So it's called the moisture renew lipstick and the shade I wear which is my favourite is number "470 Glam Plum Fulham." Now I cant tell you the many reasons why I love this lipstick. Let's start at 1. I LOVE the shade it's like a maroon/purple really intense colour. 2. It has a beautiful glossy sheen to it not like other lipsticks that dry out your lips. 3. It lasts for hours. I can put it on and drink & eat and the colour is still really bold and intense after a couple of hours. And lastly reason number 4. It lasts for ages!! I bought my current one about 5-6 months ago and its still going strong. Well im down to my last little bit but we are not parting ways just yet, I will not let this little gem go until theres literally nothing left hahaha. (I'll take a photo of how much is left and how long it's lasted. And i'll obviously post a photo of how it looks when its all new and pretty and unused cause I've got 1 or maybe even two in front of this liptick cause im dead sad like that. So yeah let me post some photos of me wearing this beautiful little piece of make-up gold... By the way can I just say how stupid is it that in 2015 when app's are being updated pretty much on a weekly basis that we still cannot save a photo from instagram?!! It makes me sad. Oh well let me find some from another source, here goes...

I'm wearing Glam Plum Fulham in this photo, you can wear it with any look whether it be natural or dramatic, in this case I went more dramatic with bold dark Smokey eyes.
Here's a couple of photos of the lipstick and a swatch of the colour..
As you can see from this photo the colour is so beautiful & so glossy. I definitely recommend this product if you're looking for a nice dark vampy lippy that isn't going to dry out your lips and still give you that nice glossy finish.
Well I've blabbered on enough I think for one post haha. I sha'll be back soon as I already know what my next post is about. (P.S I've had to try my hardest to not type out James Bay lyrics
as im currently listening to him as I write this post. GO ME!!)
Well speak soon guys, Mwah, Peace out!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Lucious lashes!

Hello lovelies,

It's been quite a while since my last post hasn't it?! so I think its about time I blabbered on once again... todays post is all about LASHES!!! I absolutely love false lashes I am like the lashes queen, I cant leave the house without them on. I just love the volume & length they give your natural lashes. I've tried many different brands over the years but I have to say Eylure's range are my favourites. I've used Eylure lashes for the past 2 years and they are AMAZING!! I use the EXAGGERATE Eylure lashes in no.145 I wear them daily for a nice natural look. The good thing about these lashes is you can wear them for a nice natural look or a more dramatic one. For my everyday make-up I wear these lashes with my everyday foundation I then add a little contour to warm up my face, I also add a blusher to my cheeks to give my cheeks a nice rosy complexion. I then add a highlighter to my cheek bones & to the bridge of my nose and also to the tip to make it appear more lifted, it also gives me a nice healthy glow. Here's a photo my everyday make-up with my favourite falsies by Eylure...

I always add a lipstick to my everyday look the one im wearing in this photo is by Rimmel and it's called "Glam plum Fulham" i'll do a post on that soon as it's one of my favourite brands and shades of lipstick.
So back to the lashes you can buy Eylure products from any drug or make-up store like superdrug or boots etc. The best thing about these lashes is they are re-useable, I use mine for up to a week and a 1/2 to two weeks. As long as you take good care of them you'll get a good quality long lasting wear out of them.
Here's a photo of the one's I use...
I cannot recommend them enough!! The best lashes out their in my opinion, all of my make-up photos I post on my instagram: are all using these exact lashes. So guys if you want to try out some good quality lashes give these a try, eylure do a wide range of all different styles so check them out!!
That's it for now guys, speak soon!!
Peace out!! xxx