Monday, 7 September 2015

Lets talk brush cleaning!

Hello my loves!

Hope you've all had a great weekend. I cant believe its Monday already!! I think the weekend went pretty fast what do you think? Anyway in my last post I said I was going to do a post on brush cleaning and hey ho as its what I like to call it "No make up Monday" or "Kerrie's too lazy to paint her face today" day I thought right lets give my brushes a clean and as I'm not wearing make up today it gives them a chance to dry out properly all day as I wont be using them. So for this post I wanted to document every step I take through the brush cleaning process. Oh wait hang on I've just realised that's a pretty cool song.. "Every step you take.." haha!! anyway back to brush cleaning. I'm going to do this step by step and picture by picture (If my laptop co-operates with me.) So you know exactly how I clean them from start to finish. So first here's a picture of my dirty full of make up brushes..

As you can see their definitely in need of a good cleaning!! I always find that my foundation brushes get the most dirtiest as they are the ones using the most product and doing a lot of the work. Anyway as you can see I have a wide/weird range of brushes these are just some of them. My brushes range from Real Techniques, to Primark, to EBay. I'm not a brush snob. Sometimes the cheaper a product is the better they are and as long as they do the job who cares if they were only cheap. So back to the cleaning process I'm going to do this step by step, so here goes...
Here's what you'll need to clean your brushes.
1. Bowl
2. Mild baby shampoo (I use the Johnsons one.)
3. A clean hand
4. Luke warm water
5. A towel
6. Cool place to dry out your brushes
How to clean your brushes step by step.
STEP 1. So firstly you'll need your bowl.
STEP 2. Baby shampoo.
STEP 3. Add the shampoo to the bowl.
STEP 4. Take your brush and place it in the shampoo and in a circular motion swirl it round the product.
STEP 5. Then make sure you have nice clean hands and with the palm of your hand place the brush with the product on it and with circular motions rub the product into your hand you'll start to see all of the make up come out of your brush and onto the palm of your hand.
STEP 6. Run your brush under a luke warm tap and squeeze out all of the soap so that there is none left in your brush. Keep doing this until you see the water run clean and so their is no more make up coming out of your brush.
STEP 6. Lay out a clean fresh hand towel on a flat surface, preferably where there's a window with fresh air coming in & place your brushes on the towel facing where the air is coming in. Leave them there for a few hours to dry out & then you'll have nice clean sparkling brushes.
And so there you go there's my step by step on brush cleaning. I hope it's helped you guys out a little. Can I just say how important it is to clean your brushes and maintain them. I usually do mine once a week if I can as it's crazy the amount of product and germs they collect when you're using them on a daily basis. Plus its important to clean them to help keep your skin nice and clear and spot free. And if like me you suffer from the odd break out cleaning your brushes regularly helps reduce the chances of a break out as you're minimizing the bacteria and dirt that can get into your brushes. I'm going to do a post on skin care and my skin care routine soon so stay tuned guys.
Well that's all for now, hope you guys have a great week & I will be getting another post up this week maybe even two, oooh check me out!! I'm going to start and do a few fashion posts as well as my regular make up and beauty posts. It's an excuse to pose in some of my fave outfits I guess haha!! so stay tuned.
Speak soon guys, mwah peace out!!

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